Simple Methods for Troubleshooting the McAfee Error Code 1619

Simple Methods for Troubleshooting the McAfee Error Code 1619

McAfee is an antivirus company that produces reliable packages for safeguarding the systems. It is best used for securing confidential data and preventing data breaches. There are problems related to package, including the error 1619, which can be fixed by following the directions given below.

  • You will require verifying if the service of windows installer has been switched off, the .msi packages cannot continue with installation if the windows installer service is turned off. You can switch it on by going to the start tab and perform the command of the run.
  • After this input the services.msc in the space box, when done with these steps, you can click on the ok tab. Further, select the option named properties; this will be visible by doing a right-click on the option of windows installer.
  • Select the option of automatic alternative from the drop-down list that appears on the startup type. After this, you can check and update if the error code 1619 has been properly resolved.

Fixing the Network Issues

If you are facing issues related to connectivity of the network, then you can launch the installer exe service with the help of network settings. For doing this, you can open the system, then copy the setup and proceed to start the service of the installer.

Verifying If There Is another AV Installed

  • You will need to verify that in your system, there is only one antivirus installed. If you suspect there is another AV program installed on your computer by some other user, then you can go to the control panel and click on the Programs tab and then go to programs and features.
  • Here you can locate the antivirus program that might be additionally installed in your absence, which is conflicting with the McAfee antivirus program. When you find it, you can either disable it or get rid of it. After these steps, you can check if the error code 1619 has been fixed or not.

The error code 1619 related to can be successfully resolved by implementing these guidelines.

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