Simple Methods To Resolve The McAfee Error Code 12152

Simple Methods To Resolve The McAfee Error Code 12152

McAfee antivirus is one of the best security system produced up to date. This program allows you to safely browse the internet without worrying about the potential viruses entering your system and corrupting the registry base. Many clients ranging from corporate to personal users, have benefitted from their services. However, some cases include issues related to, where users face technical problems. One such issue is the McAfee error code 12152, which can be resolved by following the proper guidelines mentioned below.

Some Symptoms Related To The Error 12152

  • The error code 12152 starts to appear on the display screen.
  • The operating system starts to perform sluggishly, and the programs do not respond.
  • The frequent crashing of the system occurs, and the screen becomes frozen.

Reasons Why This Error Occurs 

  • The corrupted installation of the software can result in the error code 12152The installation procedure got interrupted as the pc suddenly restarted itself due to unknown reason
  • Some other program has deleted the related files.

Easy Steps To Fix The Error 12152

Doing A System Restore 

  • You can do a system restore that will allow you to rectify the issues that might have occurred that results in the McAfee error 12152.
  • Proceed with navigating to the start tab, and going to the accessories option and then further select the option that says system restore. 
  • You can choose a point in time to restore the settings of your computer to that point. Once you have selected the point for restoration, you can click on the finish tab, and then the PC will reboot after restoring to that point.

Updating The Computer With Fresh Upgrades

  • In case the computer is outdated, you will face issues such as the error code 12152. Not updating the system will leave it vulnerable to numerous threats. On top of that, you will find that your Pc has started to perform slowly.
  • To eliminate the system related issues, you can download the latest updates and install them on your PC.

After following the steps given above, you can resolve the related error code 12152 successfully.

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