Speculations about Apex Legends’ Solo Mode Return Begin

Speculations about Apex Legends’ Solo Mode Return Begin

The solo mode of apex legends was introduced with the launching of the event named iron crown collection in August. This game mode turned out to be a smash hit. But since it has departed from the line servers, some fans are now pondering about the return of the solo mode in Apex legends. In the past few months, Respawn has arrived with a brand new game mode for the fortnight events of Apex. Until now Apex has seen three limited-time events, namely the iron crown collection being one of them and the other two being the legendary hunt and the very recent event of Voidwalker. 

These events of two weeks featured a game mode which was utterly unique in the real sense. The armed and dangerous, elite queue and solo modes were some of the games modes that got featured. At the time of the release of the solo mode, Respawn was not entirely sure about the permanence of the mode as it could have been a game mode that was exclusive to an event.

Positive feedback from the fans

The developer of Apex had mentioned that feedback was getting collected and monitored before deciding if the return of the game mode was possible. Problems were experienced during the testing phase for the solos. One of the major issues being the players or the teamers that were supposed to ally together and overpower the other solo players. Never the less the game mode had gotten much popularity, and Respawn was getting calls from people for making the mode a fixed addition into the game. 

But Respawn is yet to comment on whether the game mode is going to make its return or will it stay exclusive to the event. Since the developer of Apex has responded well to the feedback of the players and has further implemented the features requested by the fans in history, it is highly likely that the game mode will indeed make its comeback and get re-added in future to the live servers.

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